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Porsche Repair - 1 Car Service Workshop

Your Trusted Car Workshop

Welcome to our humble car workshop, where expertise meets efficiency in auto servicing and repair. Specializing in a wide range of car maintenance services, our skilled technicians are committed to providing top-notch solutions for all your vehicle needs. From routine check-ups to complex repairs, our car workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology, ensuring your vehicle receives the best care possible. Trust us to keep your car running smoothly with unparalleled professionalism and attention to detail.


Gearbox Overhaul

Solve all your transmission issues.
Using top grade components, our Gearbox Overhaul comes with a 2 year warranty / 40,000km (whichever first), which is the longest in Singapore.

Your gearbox will be practically as good as new!

Engine Overhaul

Using only the highest quality components, Engine Overhaul comes with a lifetime warranty (unlimited mileage up to 20 years of vehicle age) for most makes and models.

Experience a revitalised drive once again.

Aircon Repair

Precise and Accurate Diagnosis using professional equipments.

Get your aircon feeling cool and fresh again with our professional aircon repair services. With OEM and Original Parts to choose from, we cater to your budget.
1 Car Service Workshop


Your experience at our workshop matters greatly to us

This is the first time I serviced my car at an external workshop. Had an issue with my transmission. DX had his mechanic check the issue on the spot and was able to advise in detail the issue, repair needed and cost. He communicated with great clarity what they were going to fix alongside their charges. DX is very genuine and definitely knows his stuff. I subsequently also had my aircon fixed. Both jobs were done well. Overall reasonable pricing with excellent customer service. Highly recommended.

Amazing experience at 1 Car! Started doing servicing with them last year, DX and his team are professional, transparent, fast and reliable. Everything was seamless and smooth, great responsiveness, superb customer service, good amenities, excellent competency in all aspect.

Really nothing but thumbs up for the great service, passion and professionalism from the team. Will definitely recommend to all friends and family to this reliable and trustworthy workshop.

Great service provided. DX is very friendly and eloquent, and patiently explained the various options for my car. I will definitely come again next time to do my regular maintenance service.

I stayed at the lounge during the service. There are coffee, tea, and drink provided there along with biscuit and candies. There is air purifier for the room as well. Free wifi inside – I didn’t use the wifi though. There is a charger on the desk as well in case the phone need to be recharged.


Your Trusted Car Workshop

At our car workshop, 1 Car Service Workshop - Gearbox, Aircon and Engine Specialist @ Sin Ming AutoCity, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and reliable auto care. Our team is not only passionate about cars but also dedicated to keeping your vehicle in top condition. Whether you're coming in for a routine oil change, brake repair, or engine diagnostics, you can count on our experts to provide honest advice and transparent pricing. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our workshop doors, as we strive to ensure that every customer leaves satisfied with their car's performance and our service quality.

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1 Car Service Workshop offers full service car repair & maintenance, specialising in Gearbox Overhaul, Engine Overhaul, Aircon Repairs and Routine Servicing
All Car Makes

One-stop car workshop that provides a variety of repair and maintenance services for all car makes and models. Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, etc.

Quality Services

The main principle of our car workshop is to provide you with high quality car repair services that helps you save costs in the long run, with quality assurance

Accurate Diagnosis

We perform our diagnosis with specialised diagnostic tools and highly trained mechanics to accurately identify your vehicle's issues when you come to our car workshop

1 Car Service Workshop

Why Choose Us

Entrust your vehicle to our car workshop and we will do our utmost to ensure that you get the highest possible quality of repair


We help you save repair costs in the long term


Trusted by thousands of customers over the years


Longest warranty protection in Singapore


Car Workshop
Repair Services

We provide a full range of mechanical repairs for all makes and models of cars, especially Engine, Gearbox, Mechatronic and Aircon

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  • General Servicing & Maintenance
  • Transmission Overhaul
  • Engine Overhaul
  • Aircon Repair
  • Fuel System Repair
  • Exhaust System Repair
  • Engine Cooling System Repair
  • Electrical Diagnostics
  • Computer Diagnostic Testing
  • Vehicle Preventative Maintenance
  • State Emissions Inspection
  • Emission Repair Facility
  • Tune Up
  • Oil Change
  • Brake Job / Brake Service
  • Engine Cooling System Flush & Repair
  • Steering and Suspension Work
+ More Services
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  • Brake Repair and Replacement
  • Tire Repair and Replacement
  • Vehicle Preventative Maintenance
  • Oil Change
  • Brake Job / Brake Service
  • Steering Rack Repair
  • Suspension
  • Oil Leakages
  • Undercarriage Repair
+ More Services
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Quality Service and Customer Satisfaction!

We use the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure that your car is repaired or serviced properly and in a timely fashion. Our car workshop is built on a team of professional automotive technicians who strives to help you save car repair costs in the long term, providing you with high transparency in all car repair works so that you will have a peace of mind when you leave your car with us.

  • Top rated car workshop in Singapore
  • Best Warranty Terms
  • Honest and Transparent Pricing
  • High Technical Capabilities
  • Specialised Diagnostic Tools
  • Towing Services
  • Free Diagnosis
Technicians repairing a car's air conditioning system in a well-equipped workshop in Singapore.

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    Choose our car workshop for a service experience that sets new standards in automotive care. We understand the importance of your vehicle in your daily life, which is why we are dedicated to providing swift, comprehensive services that get you back on the road safely and quickly. Ready to experience the difference at our state-of-the-art car workshop? Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our range of services. Drive in with confidence, knowing that your car is in the hands of trusted professionals.