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1 Car Service Workshop is the top rated car engine repair specialist workshop in Singapore. Using top quality components, we are able to provide the longest warranty in Singapore.

We provide engine repair services that aim for your engine to last a lifetime.

Our commitment to car engine repair service goes beyond just fixing the immediate problem. We believe in providing engine repair services that not only address your current concerns but also extend the life of your engine. By using top-quality parts and employing thorough repair procedures, we strive to enhance the longevity and performance of your engine. Whether it’s routine maintenance or a major overhaul, our goal is to ensure that your engine runs smoothly for years to come, giving you the reliability and performance you deserve.

Get your engine repair done with a peace of mind.

At our car repair shop, we understand that your vehicle is more than just a mode of transportation—it’s a vital part of your daily life. That’s why we prioritize giving you complete peace of mind when you bring your car to us for engine repair. Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians uses the latest diagnostic tools and repair techniques to ensure your engine is in the best possible hands. You can trust us to diagnose and fix any issues accurately and efficiently, so you can get back on the road with confidence.

3-Year Warranty for engine overhaul: longest in Singapore

At our car repair shop, we take pride in offering unparalleled service and peace of mind to our customers. That’s why we provide a comprehensive 3-year warranty for every engine overhaul, the longest warranty available in Singapore. This exceptional coverage ensures that you can drive with confidence, knowing that any potential issues will be taken care of at no additional cost to you. Our warranty reflects our commitment to quality and reliability, demonstrating our confidence in the durability and performance of our repairs.

Swift and reliable diagnosis.

We know that dealing with car engine issues can be stressful and inconvenient, which is why we offer free diagnosis and towing services to make the process as hassle-free as possible. If your car breaks down, you don’t have to worry about additional costs or the logistics of getting your vehicle to our shop. Our complimentary towing service will transport your car safely to our facility, where our expert technicians will provide a thorough diagnosis at no extra charge. This way, you can make informed decisions about your engine repair without any financial pressure or added stress.

Engine Repair

Full Engine Overhaul / Engine Top Overhaul
Top Grade Components for Durability

Engine Warranty

Engine Overhauls come with a 3 year Warranty / 60,000km
Rebuilt to last a lifetime

Engine Diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis using specialised tools
Be 100% sure of what needs to be repaired

Engine Servicing

High quality workmanship, reasonable pricing
Original and OEM parts available

BMW V8 engine undergoing an engine overhaul in a car repair shop

Engine Repair: Process of a Full Engine Overhaul

A full engine overhaul is a meticulous and detailed process. It involves disassembling, cleaning, inspecting, and rebuilding the engine. Here, we outline each step in this intricate procedure.

Step 1: Initial Diagnosis

First, the technician performs a thorough diagnosis. This helps identify all issues within the engine. Advanced diagnostic tools ensure accuracy. Any underlying problems get uncovered at this stage.

Step 2: Engine Removal

Next, the engine gets carefully removed from the vehicle. This step requires precision and expertise. All connections are meticulously disconnected. The engine is then hoisted out using a specialized crane.

Step 3: Disassembly

Once removed, the engine is disassembled. Each component is taken apart methodically. Bolts, nuts, and parts are organized systematically. This prevents any mix-up during reassembly.

Step 4: Cleaning

Following disassembly, each part is cleaned thoroughly. Special solvents and cleaning solutions are used. This step removes grime, oil, and carbon deposits. Clean parts ensure better inspection and performance.

Step 5: Inspection

Each cleaned component undergoes a detailed inspection. Technicians look for wear, cracks, and damage. Micrometers and calipers measure parts to ensure they meet specifications. Damaged parts are identified for replacement.

Step 6: Machining

Some parts require machining to restore their condition. Cylinder heads, crankshafts, and camshafts often need resurfacing. Precision machining tools ensure parts are within tolerances. This step is crucial for engine performance.

Step 7: Parts Replacement

Worn or damaged parts are replaced with new ones. Pistons, bearings, gaskets, and seals are commonly replaced. Using high-quality parts ensures longevity and reliability. All replacements meet or exceed original specifications.

Step 8: Reassembly

The engine is then reassembled with utmost care. Each component is placed in its exact position. Bolts are torqued to specified settings. Proper lubrication is applied where needed. This step is crucial for smooth engine operation.

Step 9: Testing

Once assembled, the engine undergoes rigorous testing. It is reinstalled in the vehicle for performance tests. The technician checks for leaks, noises, and operational issues. Advanced diagnostic tools verify that the engine runs optimally.

Step 10: Quality Control

Finally, a quality control check ensures all standards are met. The technician reviews the entire overhaul process. Any minor adjustments are made. The vehicle is then ready for a test drive.

BMW V8 engine undergoing an engine repair


Your experience at our workshop matters greatly to us

This is the first time I serviced my car at an external workshop. Had an issue with my transmission. DX had his mechanic check the issue on the spot and was able to advise in detail the issue, repair needed and cost. He communicated with great clarity what they were going to fix alongside their charges. DX is very genuine and definitely knows his stuff. I subsequently also had my aircon fixed. Both jobs were done well. Overall reasonable pricing with excellent customer service. Highly recommended.

Amazing experience at 1 Car! Started doing servicing with them last year, DX and his team are professional, transparent, fast and reliable. Everything was seamless and smooth, great responsiveness, superb customer service, good amenities, excellent competency in all aspect.

Really nothing but thumbs up for the great service, passion and professionalism from the team. Will definitely recommend to all friends and family to this reliable and trustworthy workshop.

Great service provided. DX is very friendly and eloquent, and patiently explained the various options for my car. I will definitely come again next time to do my regular maintenance service.

I stayed at the lounge during the service. There are coffee, tea, and drink provided there along with biscuit and candies. There is air purifier for the room as well. Free wifi inside – I didn’t use the wifi though. There is a charger on the desk as well in case the phone need to be recharged.


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At 1 Car Service Workshop, honesty is the best policy. We are committed to provide you with a peace of mind when you leave your car in our hands.

Rest assured that your precious vehicle will be well taken care of by our team of highly skilled professionals, and that you will only be charged based on what is necessary.

We are meticulous in our workmanship, and we take great pride in providing you with the best customer experience possible.

Armed with a full suite of specialised diagnostic tools, 1 Car Service Workshop is your trusted Car Engine Repair Specialist for all your engine repair needs. No matter how big the problem might seem, we’ll be able to fix it—fast, with no hassles or surprises.

That’s why we’re proud to offer Engine Repair services that are second-to-none in Singapore. Hands down the longest warranty on engine overhauls in Singapore.

Engine Overhaul comes with 3 year warranty (or 60,000km whichever first)

Be sure that your precious car is in tip top condition before taking off on your next adventure. With your car engine under our care, you’ll never have to worry about whether or not your Porsche will make it through another long drive again!

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    Symptoms of Engine Malfunctions

    Maintaining a vehicle in top condition requires a keen eye for symptoms that may indicate engine troubles. Early detection and understanding of these signs can not only save significant repair costs but also extend the life of your vehicle. This detailed guide explores the nuances of common engine issues, using analogies to simplify complex problems and outlining potential causes to help car owners diagnose concerns early.

    1. Unusual Noises: Imagine your engine as the heart of your vehicle, where silence denotes health. Unusual sounds, such as knocking, rumbling, or clicking, are akin to heart murmurs, indicating underlying issues. Knocking might signal that the engine’s internal bearings are wearing out—these bearings are like the cushions between bones in a joint, smoothing the engine’s movements. Rumbling could indicate a misalignment similar to a spine needing chiropractic adjustment, often related to engine mount issues. Clicking noises might suggest inadequate lubrication, similar to a creaky door hinge that needs oiling, often due to low oil levels or failing hydraulic lifters. Causes of these noises can include oil viscosity being too low, allowing metal-to-metal contact, or timing issues with the valvetrain.

    2. Loss of Power: Power loss in an engine can be compared to a runner suddenly feeling weak. This symptom might be caused by a loss of engine compression, akin to a human with a respiratory problem where not enough air reaches the lungs. Causes can include worn piston rings (like deteriorating seals in a water pump), faulty valves (similar to leaky valves in a heart), or a compromised head gasket (akin to a faulty seal in plumbing). These issues prevent the engine from effectively compressing and igniting the air-fuel mixture, leading to reduced power and efficiency.

    3. Increased Fuel Consumption: An engine consuming more fuel than usual can be likened to a leaking faucet—more water flows through than necessary. This could be caused by leaking fuel injectors, which drip fuel like a faulty faucet drips water; a faulty oxygen sensor that incorrectly measures air intake, like a broken thermostat causing an HVAC system to overwork; or deteriorating spark plugs, like old batteries struggling to power a device. Each of these issues forces the engine to use more fuel to achieve normal performance.

    4. Excessive Smoke from Exhaust: The color and amount of smoke from an exhaust can be compared to signals from a factory chimney. Blue smoke is like smoke with an oily sheen, indicating oil burning within the combustion chamber, possibly from worn seals or rings. White smoke resembles steam, indicating coolant entering the combustion area, perhaps from a crack in the engine block or a failing head gasket. Black smoke is like sooty smoke, pointing to excess fuel burning, possibly due to a clogged air filter or malfunctioning fuel injectors.

    5. Engine Overheating: An overheating engine can be likened to a human with a fever—both are warning signs of internal issues. Potential causes include a stuck thermostat (like a broken valve in a water pipe preventing flow), leaks in the cooling system (similar to leaks in a water hose), or a damaged radiator (akin to a broken fan in a cooling system). Overheating can cause significant engine damage, akin to a heat stroke in humans, if not promptly addressed.

    6. Check Engine Light: The check engine light is like the dashboard warning lights in an airplane cockpit, alerting the pilot to potential issues. It can be triggered by a range of issues from minor (akin to a reminder to refill fluids) to severe (indicative of failing critical sensors). Sensor failures can misinform the engine’s computer system, much like getting incorrect readings from a weather station, leading to poor performance and possible engine damage.

    7. Engine Vibration While Accelerating: Engine vibrations during acceleration are like rough handling of a cart—both indicate instability. This could be caused by cylinder misfires, similar to a rowing team out of sync, where not all members are contributing evenly. Potential causes include an imbalanced air/fuel mixture, improper firing timing due to worn spark plugs, or electrical issues affecting the ignition system.

    8. Dropping Engine Oil Levels Without Visible Leakages: A decreasing oil level without visible leaks is akin to a pond slowly draining without an obvious hole. This could be due to oil being burned within the engine, similar to water evaporating under the sun. Potential causes include worn cylinder walls or piston rings (like eroded walls of a water tank), or damaged valve seals (comparable to damaged seals in a dam).

    Conclusion: Understanding and recognizing these symptoms of engine failure is crucial for the proactive maintenance and longevity of your vehicle. At 1 Car Service Workshop, we stand ready to assist with state-of-the-art diagnostics and expert service to ensure your car remains in optimal condition. Remember, like regular health check-ups for yourself, consistent vehicle maintenance is the best strategy to prevent unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.

    1 Car Service Workshop

    Process of Full Engine Overhaul

    At 1 Car Service Workshop, we understand the importance of engine maintenance and the critical role it plays in extending the lifespan of a vehicle. A full engine overhaul is a complex but rewarding process that restores your engine to its optimal condition. This comprehensive guide outlines how our expert technicians carry out a professional engine overhaul, ensuring reliability and performance.

    1. Initial Assessment and Engine Removal: The overhaul process begins with a thorough assessment of the engine. Our technicians perform diagnostic tests to determine the engine’s condition, identifying any issues such as leaks, noises, or performance degradation. Once the assessment is complete, we prepare the vehicle for engine removal. This involves disconnecting the battery, draining fluids like oil and coolant, and carefully detaching all connected components (wires, hoses, and manifolds). The engine is then lifted out of the vehicle using a hoist, providing full access for the overhaul.

    2. Disassembly of the Engine: With the engine removed, the disassembly process starts. Each part is meticulously removed, inspected, and labeled. Components like the cylinder head, piston, crankshaft, and camshaft are disassembled to their basic elements. This step is crucial as it allows for detailed inspection of wear and damage. Special attention is given to the engine block, which is cleaned and prepared for further inspections and machining.

    3. Cleaning and Inspection: All disassembled parts undergo a rigorous cleaning process using professional-grade solvents and tools to remove oil deposits, carbon buildup, and grime. Following cleaning, each component is inspected for damage, wear, and tolerances. Techniques such as magnafluxing and pressure testing are used to detect cracks and defects. Based on the inspection results, parts are either approved for reuse, repaired, or replaced.

    4. Machining and Reconditioning: Components that can be salvaged are reconditioned using precision machining tools. The engine block and cylinder heads may be resurfaced to restore flatness, ensuring a good seal with the head gasket. Cylinders are bored and honed for new pistons, while crankshafts and camshafts are polished or reground. These processes are critical to restoring the engine’s efficiency and power.

    5. Reassembly with New Parts: Reassembly involves returning each machined and inspected component to its place. We use new gaskets, seals, and rings to ensure tight seals and prevent leaks. The piston rings are fitted to the pistons, and then pistons are installed in the cylinders. The crankshaft is set in place, followed by the camshaft, timing gears, and ultimately, the cylinder head. Proper timing alignment is crucial and is carefully adjusted according to manufacturer specifications.

    6. Quality Checks and Engine Installation: Once the engine is reassembled, it undergoes several quality checks including leak tests, compression tests, and alignment checks to ensure everything is assembled correctly and functioning as intended. After passing all quality checks, the engine is reinstalled in the vehicle. All systems such as the cooling system, fuel system, and electrical connections are reconnected, ensuring every component integrates seamlessly with the rebuilt engine.

    7. Final Testing and Break-in Procedure: The final step involves testing the overhauled engine under various operating conditions. This includes a detailed road test to ensure smooth operation and proper engine performance. Additionally, we guide the vehicle owner through the break-in process, advising on maintenance practices such as oil changes and driving techniques to ensure the longevity of the overhaul.

    8. Longest Warranty in Singapore: At 1 Car Service Workshop, we stand confidently behind the quality of our work, which is why we are proud to offer the longest warranty for engine overhauls in Singapore. Our comprehensive warranty coverage reflects our commitment to excellence and trust in our highly skilled technicians. We understand that an engine overhaul is a significant investment, and our goal is to ensure that your vehicle performs reliably long after it leaves our shop. This extended warranty not only provides you with peace of mind but also underscores our dedication to providing superior service and support. By choosing 1 Car Service Workshop, you’re choosing a partner who is invested in the long-term performance and satisfaction of your vehicle.

    Conclusion: A full engine overhaul is a meticulous and technical process that revitalizes your vehicle’s engine, ensuring many more years of reliable service. At 1 Car Service Workshop, our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures that every engine overhaul is performed to the highest professional standards, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and vehicle performance.

    Rolls-Royce repair in 1 Car Service Workshop

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