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Gearbox Overhaul

Gearbox Overhaul using High Quality Components

We are committed to repair your gearbox and rebuild it to as good as new.

All Gearbox Overhauls will come with a 2 year warranty / 40,000km (whichever first), which is the longest in Singapore.

Free Diagnosis and Towing Services available.

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Gearbox Repair

Gearbox Overhauls / Transmission Overhaul
We use top grade components for maximum durability

Gearbox Warranty

Gearbox Overhauls come with a 2 year Warranty / 40,000km
Rebuilt to last for at least 100,000km under normal driving conditions

Gearbox Diagnosis

Diagnose your gearbox accurately for free
Let our experienced technicians help you

Gearbox Servicing

High quality workmanship, reasonable pricing
Original and OEM parts available

David Zhang
David Zhang
Went to check on my car engine sound. The staffs are very friendly and help to check on my car and explain throughly what is needed. Merc c180
Mogan K
Mogan K
Had a good first hand experience at 1 car service workshop. Mr Dao Xiong was prompt in answering my queries regarding my car’s coolant leaking problem. Did a good job in resolving it. Derek was friendly and knowledgeable. Had a fun time talking to him.
Chunyan Zhang
Chunyan Zhang
Nissan qashiqai excellent service
Joseph sian gou wei
Joseph sian gou wei
Kia cerato Profession servicing
Andy Teo
Andy Teo
Chevy Orlando, check oil leak and clean leakage. Service staff very helpful and efficient.
Fixed my Toyota Prius aircon issue without any charge. Very professional and great service. Thanks a lot
Yun Feng Lee
Yun Feng Lee
Toyota Esquire: check air con. Fast and good service.

Went for my Toyota Wish 2016 model gearbox overhaul and aircon motor fan replacement. Price reasonable as they got 2yrs warranty for the gearbox overhaul. Hopes all goes well smoothly... ...

thumb Tan Yong Siang
December 1, 2022

After exhausting many avenues to solve issues related to my Toyota Altis 2009, i went here based on Google review. Benny and Derek were very helpful and provided sound advice... ...

thumb Kugs S
October 1, 2022

Just sent my Ford Fiesta to 1 Car sevice to replace my PCV Vent hose and spark plug. Manchanic Ah Lei is very helpful and provide additional checking to ensure... ...

thumb Adel Wong
June 14, 2022

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Gearbox Overhaul Process

  1. Disassembly: This step involves removing the transmission from the vehicle and then disassembling it. In the case of ZF transmissions and PDK transmissions, special tools are required to disassemble them. For CVT transmissions, extra care must be taken during disassembly as the belt or chain is delicate and can easily be damaged. For AT transmissions, the torque converter and oil pump are usually removed first before disassembling the transmission.
  2. Inspection: Each part of the transmission is inspected to determine its condition. This includes the gears, bearings, clutches, seals, and other internal components. In some cases, specialized equipment like a magnetic particle inspection machine may be used to detect cracks or other defects that cannot be seen by the naked eye.
  3. Cleaning: Thorough cleaning of the internal components of the transmission is crucial to prevent any debris or contaminants from causing further damage to the transmission. Specialized cleaning solutions are used to clean the parts, and in some cases, an ultrasonic cleaner may be used to remove stubborn dirt and grime.
  4. Reassembly: This step involves reassembling the transmission with all new parts installed. Careful attention must be given to torque specifications and the proper alignment of gears and other components. In the case of CVT transmissions, the belt or chain must be properly tensioned and aligned. In the case of PDK transmissions, the clutch system must be properly calibrated.
  5. Testing: The final step is to test the transmission to ensure it is functioning correctly. This involves testing the transmission on a test bench or in the vehicle to ensure it shifts properly and operates as intended. In some cases, additional adjustments may need to be made to ensure proper shifting and smooth operation.

Gearbox overhauls are a complex process that requires careful attention to detail and expertise, and very specialized knowledge and skills. It is essential to trust the work to a qualified and experienced technician to ensure the transmission is overhauled correctly and functions as intended. So please come to 1 Car Service Workshop, and have your gearbox repaired reliably today!

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    Gearbox Overhaul comes with a 2 year warranty (or 40,000km whichever first)

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