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Hybrid Battery Repair using High Quality Components

Your hybrid car deserves the best. At 1 Car Service Workshop, we are committed to providing top-rated car repair services to you and other hybrid car owners in Singapore.

Our experienced technicians and transparent pricing ensure that you receive the best service possible, with fast and accurate diagnosis for any issue you may be facing.

Our technicians are experienced in working on various hybrid car models, including Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Honda, and many other makes with hybrid car models. Regardless of your car brand, we have the expertise to solve any issue you may be facing with your hybrid car.

hybrid battery repair singapore

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At 1 Car Service Workshop, we understand that your hybrid car is an important investment, and we are committed to providing you with the best service possible. Our experienced technicians, transparent pricing, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us the top choice for hybrid car repairs in Singapore. But don’t take our word for it – hear what our satisfied customers have to say.

David Zhang
David Zhang
Went to check on my car engine sound. The staffs are very friendly and help to check on my car and explain throughly what is needed. Merc c180
Mogan K
Mogan K
Had a good first hand experience at 1 car service workshop. Mr Dao Xiong was prompt in answering my queries regarding my car’s coolant leaking problem. Did a good job in resolving it. Derek was friendly and knowledgeable. Had a fun time talking to him.
Chunyan Zhang
Chunyan Zhang
Nissan qashiqai excellent service
Joseph sian gou wei
Joseph sian gou wei
Kia cerato Profession servicing
Andy Teo
Andy Teo
Chevy Orlando, check oil leak and clean leakage. Service staff very helpful and efficient.
Fixed my Toyota Prius aircon issue without any charge. Very professional and great service. Thanks a lot
Yun Feng Lee
Yun Feng Lee
Toyota Esquire: check air con. Fast and good service.

Lexus IS300 check aircon. Very fast and good. Solve my problem immediately and didn’t charge me! They are great!

thumb Alex Lau
December 1, 2022

Subaru battery replacement. Quick turnaround! Good job!

thumb James Lim
January 1, 2023

Searched on Google for nearest reliable car workshop and saw the 4.9/5 rating and decided to give a try. Didn't disappoint as the one that engaged me i.e. Derek, was... ...

thumb Kong Jee Lim
November 1, 2022

Ready to get your hybrid car back on the road? Contact us today to schedule an appointment or request a quote. Our team is ready to help you with all your hybrid car repair needs.

hybrid battery repair singapore

Hybrid Battery Repair Process

When it comes to hybrid battery repair, it’s a complicated and technical process that requires specialized knowledge and equipment. It’s not something that can be easily done by just anyone, as it requires a high level of skill and expertise to diagnose and fix the issue. The battery system in a hybrid car is incredibly complex, with multiple cells and components that need to work together seamlessly for the vehicle to operate efficiently.

The first step in repairing a hybrid battery is to diagnose the issue. This involves running extensive diagnostic tests to determine which cells are faulty or have low voltage. It’s important to use the correct diagnostic tools and software to ensure an accurate diagnosis. This will help to minimise the costs that you will incur during the repair.

Once the issue has been identified, the technician will need to remove the battery from the vehicle and disassemble it. This can be a complex process, as hybrid batteries often consist of multiple modules that are connected in series and parallel configurations. 

After the battery has been disassembled, the technician will need to test each individual module to determine which ones are functioning properly and which ones need to be replaced. This requires a high degree of technical expertise and specialized equipment, as the voltage and current levels involved in testing hybrid batteries can be extremely dangerous.

Once the faulty modules have been identified, the technician will need to replace them with new ones. This can be a time-consuming process, as each module must be carefully matched to the existing battery to ensure that they are compatible.

Replacing the cells is not a simple process, as the cells are connected in a series and have to be removed and replaced one at a time. The cells must be removed without damaging the other cells in the series, which requires a steady hand and careful attention to detail. Once the faulty cells have been removed, they must be disposed of properly due to their toxic chemical composition.

After the new cells have been installed, they need to be balanced to ensure they have the same voltage and capacity as the other cells in the battery pack. This is a critical step in the process, as an imbalance can cause the battery to malfunction and reduce the overall lifespan of the battery.

Once the battery pack has been rebuilt and balanced, it needs to be reinstalled in the car and reprogrammed to communicate with the car’s onboard computer system. This requires specialized software and equipment that are specific to the make and model of the car.

Overall, hybrid battery repair is a highly technical and complex process that requires a high level of expertise and specialized equipment. It’s not something that can be done by just anyone at any workshop, so please come to us and be 100% sure that your car will be fixed reliably.

hybrid battery repair singapore

Hybrid Cars FAQ

  • Are hybrids expensive to fix?

Hybrids may be more expensive to fix than traditional gas-powered cars because they have additional components that require specialized knowledge and equipment. However, at 1 Car Service Workshop, we offer competitive pricing for hybrid repairs.

  • Are hybrid cars hard to repair?

Hybrid cars require specialized knowledge and equipment for repairs, so it is important to bring your vehicle to an experienced hybrid repair specialist. At 1 Car Service Workshop, our technicians have extensive experience in hybrid repairs and can quickly diagnose and repair any issues.

  • Do hybrid cars need a lot of maintenance?

Like any car, hybrids require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. However, they do not require significantly more maintenance than traditional gas-powered cars.

  • What are the most common problems with hybrid cars?

The most common problems with hybrid cars are related to the hybrid battery, inverter, and transmission. These components can require specialized repairs or replacement.

  • What is the lifespan of a hybrid car?

The lifespan of a hybrid car depends on various factors such as maintenance, driving habits, and climate. With proper maintenance and care, hybrid cars can last up to 15 years or more.

  • What is the main disadvantage of a hybrid?

The main disadvantage of a hybrid is that they can be more expensive upfront than traditional gas-powered cars. However, this initial cost can be offset by the fuel savings over time.

  • What maintenance do hybrids need?

Hybrids require regular maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake inspections. Additionally, the hybrid battery should be checked periodically for proper functioning.

  • How much does it cost to replace a battery in a hybrid?

The cost of replacing a hybrid battery can vary depending on the make and model of the car. At 1 Car Service Workshop, we offer competitive pricing for hybrid battery replacements.

  • Is it worth replacing hybrid battery?

If the cost of the hybrid battery replacement is less than the cost of a new car, then it is generally worth it to replace the battery. Additionally, a functioning hybrid battery can save you money on fuel costs over time.

  • How do I know if my hybrid battery is dying?

Signs that your hybrid battery may be dying include a decrease in fuel efficiency, a check engine light, and a noticeable decrease in power.

  • Can you still drive a hybrid without the battery?

No, a hybrid car cannot be driven without the battery. The battery is essential to the operation of the car and provides power to the electric motor.

  • What kills a hybrid battery?

The most common causes of hybrid battery failure are high temperatures, low temperatures, and lack of use. Additionally, driving habits such as rapid acceleration and hard braking can also contribute to battery failure.

  1. Do all hybrid cars have battery problems?

Like any car, hybrid cars can experience battery problems, but not all hybrids have these issues. Proper maintenance and care can help prevent battery problems from occurring.

  1. Why can’t you jump a car with a hybrid?

Jump-starting a hybrid car can be dangerous because of the high voltage in the hybrid battery. It is important to have a qualified technician perform any necessary repairs or jump-starting.